As a long term customer, I wanted to comment on the additional value you’ve brought to our department with the implementation of TC Technologies print management services.

I’ve found that we have dramatically reduced the time spent on resolving issues related to our printers. Your proactive maintenance of our print devices has improved uptime and reduced the number of calls we receive for printer issues. The remote monitoring of printer status has virtually eliminated the need to place calls for printer service as you are most often aware of issues before our users alert us. We also find that is no longer necessary for us to place orders for supplies orders since you automatically dispatch toners as they are needed. While it is hard to say exactly how much time these benefits have saved our department, it is likely that we have gained back several hours of our time each month that we can now devote to more mission-critical projects.

We also enjoy the convenience of a single monthly invoice. It used to be a jolt to our budget when we encountered a major maintenance or repair to a printer. Toner, maintenance, service and parts are now all included and invoiced as a simple, single cost per page. This leads to easier budgeting and no invoice surprises.

Keith  | IT Director, Higher Education

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I can’t say enough great things about TC Technologies. The service provided by your company has been the best that I have had.
Sean | IT Manager, Pharmacy Operations